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Sunday, 14 March 2010

A Tribute to the Nigerian Mother… near and far by Iyaniwura Adewunmi

The Nigerian Mother….

She nurtures you from birth, watching your every step.
Your pain becomes hers.
She sacrifices her time, listening attentively to your every worry
Her words act as a comfort blanket with whispers of understanding
Carefully placed words are laced with trickles of wisdom
She breaks down barriers with unconditional love
You want to give up, but she breaks your fall
You’re discouraged but she stands you up ‘TALL’

‘My Mum is the fireplace of my family: The key focal point, constantly providing support, warmth, continuous love and understanding’ Ejiro.

The Nigerian Mother…

There is no Substitute.
She loves you regardless, she disciplines you regardless.
She understands what you can’t or won’t say, slowly piercing your thoughts
You have an opinion; she tells you hard facts.
Her expressions speak volumes:
She smiles, you giggle. She frowns, and you know you’ve been warned…
She nags you, because she can. It’s called ‘Discipline 101’
She is 90% right ALL THE TIME. And you are lucky with the other 10%.

You say ‘I am an adult’! She smiles sheepishly and you catch the twinkle in her eye. At that moment you know you will always be her child.

By Iyaniwura (which translates to ‘Mother is Gold’ in the Nigerian Language of Yoruba)

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Local Youth Assembly said...

The Adewunmi's mother is like my mother and Kudos to Her....