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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Publication of "Marketing community-based ecotourism based in Senegal, West Africa."

I am thrilled to announce that my disseration "Marketing community-based ecotourism based in Senegal, West Africa. The potential for the development of community-based ecotourism in developing countries and the challenge of marketing it to the UK." has been published as a paperback by VDM publishing house.

The dissertation was researched on the ground in Senegal, West Africa and required interviews with government officials, tour operators, local inhabitants in rural villages and tourists.

I travelled to several rural villages with the help of NGO CRESP (based in Dakar, Senegal) and my time there was the founding block and inspiration for my current project of raising awareness towards the west African region and of promoting Responsible Tourism development through the marketing of west African based Responsible Tourism projects. This project is called West Africa Discovery.

To buy the paperback version of the book on the amazon book store, click here.

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